The 21st day of Shodo-son. Another package is ready shipping to Japan. 勝手に書道マラソン21日目。日本習字の検定をまたまとめて提出できそうです。

One of the assignments was drawing Kokeshi dolls and i had troubles to both draw and color. The face is so easy looking sad and almost crying while I want them to look happy ! One small change of brush strokes make such a big difference. 中でもこけしの課題が難しく、ほんの少しの太さや筆のぬき加減で顔の表情が変わってしまい、暖かく幸せそうなイメージに仕上げるのに苦労しました。

日本習字墨画部 9、10、11、12月号 初伝課題 NihonShuji Ink Brush Paintings Monthly Assignments for Sep. Oct. Nov. and Dec.

Thank you & level up!

Shun Sui -Emiko

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