Gorgeous peony from our yard. I really wanted to do something and decided to draw in ink drawing. 芍薬が庭に咲き、何かしたいなと思っていたので墨画に挑戦。

After some trial and errors… I could finish at least one. I used pigments in these colors, plum red, fern green, apple green, forest green, ochre, yellow, and shell white. 色々試して、一枚だけ仕上がりました。使った顔彩は、紅梅、若草、緑青、青草、黄土、黄、胡粉。

This peony is a gift from my Japanese parents. When they visited us last year, they planted in our yards. I hope to see this beauty every spring and remember the time we spent with them. この芍薬は、去年両親が遊びに来た記念に、植えていってくれました。これから毎年咲くたびに、一緒に過ごした楽しい時間を思い出せそうです。

Thank you & Level up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

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