Yesterday I received the result of Nihon Shuji Exhibition. (We sometime call it Ni Shu Ten as short in Japanese. ) 今年の日本習字展(日習展)の結果が、昨日返ってきました。

It is a public open call exhibition and held biannually. This year I challenged myself by submitting Kaisho (print form) and also spent a month for preparation and practice. 日習展は公募展で、近年では2年に1度開催されています。今年は苦手な楷書で挑戦し、前回よりは練習時間も多く費やして準備しました。

The result was … same. I received Shu Saku Sho again. It is better than not winning any, but I hoped a higher prize, so I have a mixed feeling. 結果は前回と同じ、秀作賞でした。何もないより良いのですが、出来ればより上位の賞を目指していました。半分嬉しいような、でも満足できていないような、、、。

Well, I just need to practice! 練習あるのみのようです。

Thank you for visiting my Shodo blog and let’s level up together!!

Shun Sui -Emiko

One thought on “ NiShuTen 2021 Result 日本習字展結果 ”

  1. Dear Emiko Hori (春水 Shun Sui),

    I would like to congratulate you on being awarded a high-commendation prize for your taking part in the Nihon Shuji Exhibition 習字展(日習展). All the years of practising has paid off. Well done!

    As a connoisseur of calligraphy and painting, I like the various styles into which you have ventured. And I have become a follower of your blog so that I may continue to enjoy and admire the fruits of your labour of love.

    There is a specific post of mine where you can see my own calligraphy as well as my detailed explanation and translation of a Chinese poem into English. The post is entitled “💨 Strong Wind Knows Tough Grass 🌾 疾風知勁草“:

    I look forward to having the pleasure of being given your feedback there.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderfully productive weekend doing or enjoying whatever that satisfies you the most, with or without 習字!

    Yours sincerely,

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