Emiko Hori

春水 Shun Sui

Hello, I’m Emiko Hori, a Shodo enthusiast, and my pseudonym is 春水 Shun Sui.

I was born and raised in Japan and started having Shodo lessons at 日本習字 (Nihon Shuji, Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation) when I was a kid. Since then, Shodo has been my best friend!

In 2006, I moved to West Virginia and beautiful Appalachian nature and cultures kept inspiring me to work on Shodo.

ShodoArcade is the place I would like to share the joy and beauty of Shodo with everybody in the world, even outside of Japan. I hope this website would be helpful and informative for all level of Shodo lovers!

I Do …

  • Practice Shodo (Level Up!)
  • Teach Shodo
  • Perform Shodo
  • Share the joy of Shodo