命名書 Name-giving Ceremony

I am even not sure I post about my pregnancy in my shodo blog… so this might be surprise for some of you. I had a baby boy last week. このブログに妊娠について書いてたかどうか定かでなく、驚かれる方もいるやもしれませんが、先週元気な男の子を出産しました。

There is Japanese tradition of name-giving ceremony on the seventh day after the birth of a child. (Oshichiya お七夜) We decided Kanji character for our son and wrote his name, his birthday, and parents name. 昨日がお七夜だったので、命名書を書きました。

I was super tired and sleepy…

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ShunSui – Emiko

New Year 2023 謹賀新年

Happy New Year from West Virginia, U. S. Hope you have another great year in 2023.


「和気迎新年」和やかな気持ちで新年を迎える Welcoming new year with peaceful mind.

Nihon Shuji January issue 日本習字漢字部1月号
風 wind

I chose “wind” as a Kanji character for 2023 calendar. I hope that my shodo works will contribute somewhat to refresh other’s minds with positive vibe. 今年のカレンダーの文字は風にしました。何かこう、人の心をリフレッシュできるような、少しでも人様に貢献できるような書道活動ができますように、書が書けるようになりますように、と願いを込めました。

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Kohitsuten2022 Result

I just received Kohitsuten result for this year. 硬筆展の結果が届きました。

I couldn’t submit my work, but my students managed to do, and I’m very proud of them. 今年、残念ながら私は出品できませんでしたが、7名の生徒さんが参加してくれました。今回惜しくも入賞者はいませんでしたが、忙しい中、出品した皆さん、立派です。

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Shun Sui – Emiko

Shodo Night with Candle Light

Today I needed to write some certificates for local Japanese school. While I was preparing shodo tools, unfortunately our house lost power. 賞状書きがあり、お道具を準備していたら、なんと停電。

Then, I found some handmade candles from my son’s school events. ふと、息子の学校から手作りのロウソクを買ってあったのを思い出しました。

The gentle candle light was more than enough to write all certificates and I think I even concentrated better. 優しい灯火は筆耕には充分で、しかも良く集中して書くことができました。良かった〜

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Shun Sui -Emiko

2022 NihonShuji Summer Exhibitions

It has been a while since my last post… I had busy summer. Now may be little late, but please let me share Kohitsuten and Kanbaiten information. 久しぶりの投稿になりましてすいません。今年の夏は忙しく、あっという間に硬筆展と観梅展の時期、というよりも締め切り間近になってしまいました。

2022 is the year for Kohitsuten and Kanbaiten. Kohitsuten is public exhibition and anybody can submit their pencil or pen calligraphy works. Kanbaiten is mainly for Nihon Shuji teachers and adult learners, and they can submit their larger works like Hansetsu and Zenshi size. Due for both exibition is September 20th. 2022年は硬筆展と観梅展の年です。硬筆展は公募展で、どなたでも硬筆作品を出品できます。一方観梅展は日本習字で学ぶ成人の生徒さんや先生が対象で、半切や全紙など、大きめの作品を出品できます。どちらも受付締切は9月20日まで。

This year, some of my students sent their works to Kohitsuten (thank you!) and I tried Kanbaiten. 今年は生徒さんが硬筆展に、私は観梅展に挑戦しました。

Thank you for visiting my shodo blog and let’s level up together! 本日も書道ブログにお越し下さりありがとうございます。

Shun sui 春水 -Emiko

Reception at local museum

There was the opening reception for Ukiyoe (Japanese printing) exhibition at Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia.

Marshall university’s JOI coordinator kindly invited me to set up Shodo demonstration to join Origami tables.

Until June, the museum also featured our calligraphy works in their educational center.

This is the first opportunity for my Shodo students to display their works in public! I am very excited and thankful for all support we got for this collaborative display.

Thank you & Level Up!

Shun Sui – Emiko