Shodo master Ms. Kuisel’s exhibition in Cincinnati, OH. (Nov. 5 – 11, 2020) 書道家キーセル恵美子先生の作品展、シンシナティにて開催

All photos were kindly shared by Ms. Emiko Kuisel -日本習字 中西部支部 Japanese Calligraphy in USA

Collaboration with Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) was beautifully executed. 美しいいけばなとのコラボ

Her student’s works including mine were also displayed. 私の作品を含め、先生のお弟子さんの作品も展示されました。

Two of my pieces on right wall. 右2点が私の作品です。

One day, I would like to have my own Shodo exhibition. Until my dream comes true… I just keep writing and will level up!! いつか私も作品展を開けるように、、、今は練習あるのみ!

Thank you & level up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

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