Sometime Hiragana たまにひらがな

Collection of simple, but beautiful curved strokes. 単純な、でも美しい曲線の集まり。

Nihon Shuji covers not only Kanji characters, but also Japanese syllabary. 日本習字の漢字部では、漢字だけでなく、自由課題としてひらがなも添削してもらえます。(検定課題ではありません)

Thank you for visiting my calligraphy blog and let’s level up together! 今日もブログにお越しくださりありがとうございます。一緒にお習字頑張りましょう。

Shun Sui -Emiko

Sounded so cool, but not for me

This evening I had spare time at Starbucks and tried to use it for pen calligraphy practice. I also thought that doing something at cafe always sounded so cool.

While I was writing, my husband even took a nice shot for my blog. Cool, so cool….

However, it didn’t work. When I am in cafe, I want to eat. I want to drink. I want to chat. After about a half hour, I gave up. I put everything back into my purse and enjoyed my drink, pastries, and nice conversations with my husband.

I should practice…. But not in cafe… it is too cool and delicious for me…

Thank you & level up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

A boat and sushi 舟とスシ

Ink drawing assignment for Aril and May. I needed to draw a boat, but it looks like sushi… 日本習字の墨画部、4月号5月号。舟を描くはずが、何度練習してもお寿司のようで、、、(鯖握り)

Reed 葦 Nihon Shuji Assignment for April 4月号
Wind Mill 風車 Nihon Shuji Assignment for May 5月号

Thank you and level up!!

Shun Sui 春水-Emiko

Cats and Shodo 猫と書道

When I practice, my cats are always around. While they evaluate my works, they also enjoy sliding into Shodo paper right after I wrote….


Thank you & level up !

Shun Sui – Emiko

Peony シャクヤク

Gorgeous peony from our yard. I really wanted to do something and decided to draw in ink drawing. 芍薬が庭に咲き、何かしたいなと思っていたので墨画に挑戦。

After some trial and errors… I could finish at least one. I used pigments in these colors, plum red, fern green, apple green, forest green, ochre, yellow, and shell white. 色々試して、一枚だけ仕上がりました。使った顔彩は、紅梅、若草、緑青、青草、黄土、黄、胡粉。

This peony is a gift from my Japanese parents. When they visited us last year, they planted in our yards. I hope to see this beauty every spring and remember the time we spent with them. この芍薬は、去年両親が遊びに来た記念に、植えていってくれました。これから毎年咲くたびに、一緒に過ごした楽しい時間を思い出せそうです。

Thank you & Level up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

A Package from Japan

Just received a big box from Japan. It was filled with Shodo tools and papers. I’m super motivated!!!


Thank you & Level up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

White & Red

I love the moment to prepare for Shodo lessons. お稽古準備は楽しく特別な時間。

Normally Shodo gives me the world of white and black, which is very simple, and it makes me deeply concentrated. However, writing for lessons is different. The Shodo red ink is so bright and I get a lot of inspirations. It is time to have fun for me by thinking about students and their writing.


5月 オンラインレッスン準備

Need practice… もっと上手くなりたい。上手くならなければならない。

Thank you & Level Up!

Shun Sui – Emiko

Kids Shodo 幼児部

On Mother’s Day this year, I started kid Shodo with my 5 year old son. This will be a big challenge to me since he even doesn’t recognize all Japanese alphabet. My first goal will be keep him for a year. 今年の母の日は、5歳の息子の日本習字幼児部を始めることにしました。まだひらがなも完璧に読めないので、多分険しい道のりになりそうです。まずは一年続けばな、、、と思います。

Thank you & Level Up !

Shun Sui – Emiko

Pen Calligraphy Course

From April, the month which starts Japanese fiscal year, I started pen calligraphy course from Nihon Shuji. 4月からペン部始めました。

Nihon Shuji Pen Calligraphy Course -April 日本習字ペン部 4月号 自由課題

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Shun Sui 春水 -Emiko