Kakizome2022 書き初め

Kakizome, first calligraphy writing of the year, is one of Japanese traditions for New Year. Yesterday I had 3 online Kakizome sessions. 昨日はオンライン書き初め三昧の日でした。

Two Kakizome sessions with kids as part of calligraphy lessons and one session for Nihon Shuji Online events. 子供たちとのお稽古が2回、日本習字主催の書き初め大会がその後ありました。

マイクロソフト「ティームス」でオンライン稽古 Online calligraphy lesson using MS”Teams”
希望 Hope

I have done online lessons using Zoom, but I never used MS Teams and I was bit worried. However the other participants and observers helped me in the sessions and everything went well. ズームではオンラインのお稽古をした事はあるのですが、ティームスでは初めてでそこが不安でしたが無事に終わりました。参加者の家族や見学の方が上手に回してくださったおかげでした、感謝。

Online Kakizome hosted by Nihon Shuji 日本習字オンライン書き初め大会

In the evening, I participated online Kakizome hosted by Nihon Shuji. Somehow I miss calculated the time difference between U.S. Eastern and Japan, and almost missed it, but I made it. 夜(日本時間では午前)には日本習字の書き初め大会がありましたが、時差を計算し間違えていて、ギリギリの参加となりました。反省、、、

And… of course cats wanted to evaluate… そして猫がいつも通りうろうろしていました。

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White & Red

I love the moment to prepare for Shodo lessons. お稽古準備は楽しく特別な時間。

Normally Shodo gives me the world of white and black, which is very simple, and it makes me deeply concentrated. However, writing for lessons is different. The Shodo red ink is so bright and I get a lot of inspirations. It is time to have fun for me by thinking about students and their writing.


5月 オンラインレッスン準備

Need practice… もっと上手くなりたい。上手くならなければならない。

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妄想を申そう Imagine

After hiragana (Japanese syllabary) practice, i wrote some my imaginary products and digitally framed using a phone app.

つららむね icicle ramune (soda)
Inspired by icicles from winter storm
mineral water “Drops from Appalachia”

Ohhh these are so fun and keep imagining….

喫茶あぱらちあ Cafe Appalachia

I could see that Hiragana can give both warm and welcoming impressions . They looks soft and naive first, but they are very powerful tools to give such a big impact!

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Results of Kohitsu exhibition

Last year, I participated Kohitsuten 2020 by Nihon Shuji. It is Japanese pen calligraphy exhibition which is open to general public. It was the first time for me to participate with my students, and we sent eleven works to Fukuoka, Japan.

Today I received the results of the exhibition and I can’t wait to share with my students.


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Online Lesson オンライン稽古

Preparing for online lesson. It is experimental, but I found out that Zoom and all other online learning tools are very helpful. I just need to get used too. オンラインのお稽古準備中。Zoomなどのツールは便利で、あとは私が慣れて使いこなすのみ。

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