Pen Calligraphy Course

From April, the month which starts Japanese fiscal year, I started pen calligraphy course from Nihon Shuji. 4月からペン部始めました。

Nihon Shuji Pen Calligraphy Course -April 日本習字ペン部 4月号 自由課題

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Shun Sui 春水 -Emiko

Online Kakizome 2021

Yesterday I participated online Kakizome event hosted by Nihon Shuji. 日本習字主催のオンライン書初め大会に参加しました。

It was scheduled at 10 am on Sunday Jan.17 in Japan, which was 8pm on Saturday Jan. 16 in U.S.A. The time differences nicely worked for me so that I could do Kakizome right after my son’s bed time. 時差が幸いして、日曜午前に開催された第一回目に、アメリカ時間の土曜夜参加することができました。ちょうど息子が寝たあとすぐで、私には都合の良い時間だったのです。

It started from Zoom testing and Oath. Zoomのテストと宣誓を読み上げて開始です。

We were allowed to write for 15 minutes. I could write three and picked the one which looked best. 書く時間は15分間、私は3枚書くことができました。1番良くかけたかな、と思うのを選んで終了です。

対客開春酒当門掃落花 日本習字漢字部12月号競書課題 Open spring wine for guests and sweep falling flowers petals at the entrance. Nihon Shuji December 2020 Assignment

I couldn’t write well, but I am very satisfied. I normally write in my living room my self, but yesterday I wasn’t alone. I could feel the connections with all other participants who loves Shodo, and I was very happy about it. 上手く書けたかといえばそうではなかったけれども、満足できました。普段1人きりで書いているリビングが、昨日は沢山の書道愛好家が集う書初め会場となり、そのつながりを感じられて、幸せでした。

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Shun Sui -Emiko

Results of Kohitsu exhibition

Last year, I participated Kohitsuten 2020 by Nihon Shuji. It is Japanese pen calligraphy exhibition which is open to general public. It was the first time for me to participate with my students, and we sent eleven works to Fukuoka, Japan.

Today I received the results of the exhibition and I can’t wait to share with my students.


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Shun Sui -Emiko

The last shipment to Japan for 2020

I finally finished all assignments for NihonShuji for 2020. This year I had difficulties to get calligraphy goods from Japan, but now I’m so glad and relieved to be able submit all my works.


Nihon Shuji Assignments Sep. to Dec 2020 日本習字 漢字部 かな部 検定 9月から12月号まで

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Shun Sui -Emiko

Flower of tea tree 茶の花や

The 36th day of Shodo-thon. 勝手に書道マラソン36日目。

Haiku by Yosa Buson

Flowers of teat tree. Yellow and white, simple yet quint and charming.

茶の花や 白にも黄にも おぼつかな 


日本習字 かな部 12月号 俳句課題 Nihon Shuji Kana calligraphy (Haiku) assignment Dec. 2020

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Shun Sui – Emiko

The 24th day of Shodo-thon

Today I didn’t feel like writing Shodo… no motivation. Same time, I didn’t want to quit Shodo-thon. So I decided to write one Kana calligraphy. 今日は書きたいと言う気持ちじゃなかった。やる気なし。でも書道マラソンも24か目で今更やめたくない。それで、かな一課題だけ書いた。

Once I started, I feel much better and soon I had fun again. とりあえず書き始めたら、何か気持ちよかった。やっぱり書道は楽しい。

よもすがら 見てをあかさむ 秋の月 こよひのそらに くもなからなむ

Nihon Shuji Kana Assignments Sep. 2020 日本習字かな部 9月号課題

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Shun Sui -Emiko

Wooden Doll こけし

The 21st day of Shodo-son. Another package is ready shipping to Japan. 勝手に書道マラソン21日目。日本習字の検定をまたまとめて提出できそうです。

One of the assignments was drawing Kokeshi dolls and i had troubles to both draw and color. The face is so easy looking sad and almost crying while I want them to look happy ! One small change of brush strokes make such a big difference. 中でもこけしの課題が難しく、ほんの少しの太さや筆のぬき加減で顔の表情が変わってしまい、暖かく幸せそうなイメージに仕上げるのに苦労しました。

日本習字墨画部 9、10、11、12月号 初伝課題 NihonShuji Ink Brush Paintings Monthly Assignments for Sep. Oct. Nov. and Dec.

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Shun Sui -Emiko

Sending Assignments to Japan

After the COVID-19 pandemic, I couldn’t order any Shodo supply, like new ink, papers, and brushes, and i had to wait most of writing for Nihon Shuji Monthly assignments.

Finally, they re-started to take international order and now I can write whatever I want!!

I could finish couple assignments and they are ready to ship to Japan. (And cats approved too)



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Shun Sui -Emiko

Stillness 閑かさ

5th day of Shodo-thon. I practiced a very famous Haiku by Matsuo Basho. 勝手に書道マラソン始めて5日目。広く知られる松尾芭蕉の俳句に挑戦。

the stillness:
penetrating the rock
a cicada’s cry

(This English version of Haiku was translated by Dr. Donald Keene. )

閑かさや 岩にしみ入る 蝉の声

Assignment from Nihon Shuji (Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation) , July 2020 日本習字かな部7月号

My kana calligraphy can be improved more… かなもまだまだ練習が必要です。

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Shun Sui -Emiko